Physical enquiry


    -Thinking Body-

    Inspired by book ,,The Thinking Body" M.E.Todd



    What about that long evolution story dwelling in you?

    Knowledge about the body, movement is an opportunity to understand that story.


    "Thinking Body" is a process of searching and learning.

    Through studying the human body and its relation with the environment, we are looking for a better understanding

    of what is to be a human being,

    to be a Homo sapiens.



  • ,,Knowledge about the body allows to choose how you want to move and how you can protect yourself and others while moving."


    Dialogue with our physical being



    BODY / representing the instrument of the action, self-expression, knowledge.

    SPACE / where the body is moving, inner- outer space.

    RELATIONSHIP / the connections that occur as the body moves—with objects, people, and the environment.



    If You:


    - Want to deepen knowledge about your body.
    - Are working with body, movement, dance in various fields.
    - Like to explore yourself and others through practice.


    During the workshops we will:


    - Use different resources to investigate body (anatomy, biomechanics, bodywork, meditation, contact improvisation, A.Boal games, reading ,,The Axis Syllabus" Human movement lexicon. F.Faust; ,,The Thinking Body" M.E.Todd and more).

    - Reflect using group work methods (World Cafe, Circle, AI Triads).

    - Move, dance, play, improvise individually in pairs and in a groups.

    - We will create and perform

  • Testimonials about workshops

    -Thinking Body-

    '' It's like to dance when no one sees it. When I was a child, I felt pleasure to move free. I felt the same pleasure in Thinking Body workshop.

    I revealed that for me is difficult to follow the leading while dancing with partner, although I was thinking I am easily adaptive person. Interesting things about ourselves we can experience through dance."

    Mantas Gancevičius (Furniture-maker)

    "It is important to understand how body works, how it affects the senses, how our feelings are communicating with body, how they condense in the body and complicate it, as our sorrows, disappointments turn into body cramps, as the feeling of love drops subjective kilograms from the body :) I was in the workshop about the evolution, spine. It seems we have researched only that part of my skeleton, but in my reflection I understood how my spine is related to my own inner axis, balance, with the ability to sustain all kinds of experiences and not to break, not to collapse. I liked it, and I got a psychological astonishment - perception. Such learning is really interesting and really about my body.,,

    Irena Voinič (Psychologist)

    "I like to learn about body and movement. I understand my body and movement better now. Workshop knowledge helped me in dancing and doing other physical activities. Workshop was authentic for me"

    Algimantas Stancelis (Agile Coach. Lindyhop dancer)

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  • -Thinking Body-

    Workshop teacher

    Since 2007 exploring body and dance as a tool for learning



    Ieva Ginkevičiūtė


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    contact: ievagink@gmail.com

    "I am happy to create conditions for learning. Especially for learning from most authentic teacher- our own body.

    For me learning is fruitful when everyone becomes a teacher in a learning process."